Real People: Matt. 23. Lives Maldives. Surf Guide. Yoga Instructor.

Ok ladies, meet Matt. A 23-year-old self-confessed surfing and yoga fanatic who spends his days leisurely drifting between Maldivian islands in search of perfect waves. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but his sun-bleached shoulder length blonde hair, opened buttoned up shirt and blue tie-dyed like retro surfboard could leave you with the impression that this surfie earthling is straight out of a 70’s surf flick.


Photo: Rob Underwood


Telling me that he was once “an executive pastry chef living on board a Maldivian safari boat,” I’m quick to learn that this American larrikin is all for laughs. In a perfect Aussie accent, Matt reveals that he’s from “Plum Island, a small island off the coast of Massachusetts” in the states. 10 points for nailing the Aussie accent on cue.  Continue reading


Kendall Layt, Kokoh Bikini.

Aussie surfer girl and experienced world traveller Kendall Layt, creator and designer of the cheeky Kokho Bikini, talks life, travel and all things bikinis. 

©RichardKotch_AL0U5520Image: Richard Kotch Photography. 


1. ‘Kokoh’. What does it mean? 

“The word itself really doesn’t mean that much. I liked the name and the spelling if I ever had a girl, my bikini label has come well before any children, so I just ran with Kokoh Bikini. It does translate from Indonesian to ‘sturdy/strong’ which wasn’t on purpose at all, however it kind of fits.”

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