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Roaming Around Rome in 48 hours.

you.theworld.wandering’s guide to seeing Rome’s best monuments.

It’s true that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The sheer size of the place, the number of monuments and ancient ruins that reside in this special city truly make it a pilgrimage worthwhile for the millions of tourists that flock here every European summer.

Rome, just like a fine wine, is a place that needs to be given time if you truly want to experience the magic of this once ancient city. As I wound my way through the cobble stone laneways, I found myself at each corner wide-eyed and dazzled at the fact that there was yet another iconic monument staring at me. You read about these places, you learn about them in school, but when it’s you standing face to face with a building that’s so old that you can only try to comprehend what the ground beneath you has seen in it’s lifetime, it’s a fairly awe striking moment of how insignificant your own time on this earth is in this little thing called life.  Continue reading

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A Moment In Time

I sit beneath a vivid blue and lime green tiled mosaic that forms the ceiling of Abu Dhabi airport. I’m on my laptop trying to book a last minute flight, yet find myself distracted with the illusive people surrounding me.

I watch intently to my left; a small group of Indian ladies all dressed in delicate brightly coloured saris. One of the women in particular invades my attention. She’s wearing a stunning beaded bright yellow sari with her mid drift subtly revealed to the sides. Her long undyed black plait falls loosely against the fabric of her dress. She begins to eat food, I’m not sure what, but something home packed in a ruffled plastic bag that has reached the span of its life. She comes close to me and I suddenly become innerly defensive, as for a second I thought she was aiming to pick pocket me whilst I seem distracted on my laptop.  Continue reading

Exciting Announcement!!

you.theworld.wandering has gone to Europe!!

Be sure to follow my European adventure as I head throughout Italy, France and Spain in July and August travelling on Busabout. Click to find out more.

Lots of amazing European summer destinations coming your way.

Stay tuned for loads more vlogs, travel tips and reviews of the places I visit.

And of course photos!!

You can follow my journey each day on snap chat: ‘utheworldwander’ and join me live on the adventure!!

Kristie x

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