Kendall Layt, Kokoh Bikini.

Aussie surfer girl and experienced world traveller Kendall Layt, creator and designer of the cheeky Kokho Bikini, talks life, travel and all things bikinis. 

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1. ‘Kokoh’. What does it mean? 

“The word itself really doesn’t mean that much. I liked the name and the spelling if I ever had a girl, my bikini label has come well before any children, so I just ran with Kokoh Bikini. It does translate from Indonesian to ‘sturdy/strong’ which wasn’t on purpose at all, however it kind of fits.”

2. What’s the best thing about running your own label?

“The best thing is being able to create. It’s bringing something to life that would never exist if I didn’t think it up. It’s like any form of art. The most exciting thing is when I get samples to approve. I see an artwork I have painted, convert it to digital, get it printed and then placed on a bikini design. When it all comes together like that and it’s the only one of a kind to exist on earth, it’s pretty special.”


IMG_9706Image:  Kokoh Bikini


3. How do you spend your time when you’re not working on your label?

“I try to surf as much as I can, but usually my label is always on my mind, it’s never ending. I could be out in the lineup or even on a wave and be thinking about bloody bikinis!”


IMG_0089Image:  Kokoh Bikini


4. You love photography, you have a strong Instagram following, people love seeing your cheeky beach pics, what’s your best advice to having a pretty Instagram?

“I think just staying true to you/your brand and keeping it consistent. I see a lot of people ‘buying followers’ however, it’s all pretty transparent. I mean, if you have fifty thousand followers and only get seventy likes per image , well… it’s not very honest right? I try to keep each post in tune with the next. My followers know what to expect from Kokoh Bikini so I keep it fresh and try to post more of what gets a good response.”


IMG_0319Image:  Kokoh Bikini

5. You’re an experienced traveller, you’ve managed surf camps in Portugal and Morocco, surf guided in the Maldives, you’ve also been an international flight attendant. The place you would love to go back to the most would be…

“Mmm… that’s tricky! Can I say the Maldives, even though this time last week I was there!? It’s just so inviting. I love the waves, the people and the heat… now I’m daydreaming.”


IMG_0037Image:  Kokoh Bikini


6. And the best advice for starting your own gig?

“Three years ago I would have said ‘jump in the deep end. If you have enough passion and fire in your belly, you will make it. Work hard and except nothing else.’ And yes this is still a hundred percent true. However, be prepared that starting out is at the time what you think will be the hardest part. Starting is just planting a seed in the ground. After that you need to help it grow with constant motivation. The part I find the most difficult is having a thick skin. But being a creative allows me to do what I love in my own time, around the change of the wind and tides so that in itself is satisfying.”

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Kokho Bikini

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