Real People: Matt. 23. Lives Maldives. Surf Guide. Yoga Instructor.

Ok ladies, meet Matt. A 23-year-old self-confessed surfing and yoga fanatic who spends his days leisurely drifting between Maldivian islands in search of perfect waves. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but his sun-bleached shoulder length blonde hair, opened buttoned up shirt and blue tie-dyed like retro surfboard could leave you with the impression that this surfie earthling is straight out of a 70’s surf flick.


Photo: Rob Underwood


Telling me that he was once “an executive pastry chef living on board a Maldivian safari boat,” I’m quick to learn that this American larrikin is all for laughs. In a perfect Aussie accent, Matt reveals that he’s from “Plum Island, a small island off the coast of Massachusetts” in the states. 10 points for nailing the Aussie accent on cue.  Continue reading


Listen To Your Intuition

At certain moments in time we experience a feeling from somewhere deep inside our subconscious.  It makes itself present in the pit of our stomachs, in the rapid beats of our hearts, in the sweatiness of our palms. A feeling we can’t ignore no matter how hard we try, even if we know it’s not the most logical or moral choice we are faced with. That feeling rages at you; stirs at you until you cave and decide to listen to the submerging inkling.

Yesterday I got this feeling. I was wandering a gemstone exhibition in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Glancing over all of the pretty coloured gemstones and jewels, the colours were incredible; more dazzling that those found in an ice-cream parlour. Continue reading


THE BALI NINE.. 9 Must See Balinese Destinations You May Not Be Aware Of..

Summer has been and gone, the cooler months of the year are drawing closer and you’re trying to prolong the thoughts of wearing a steamer in the ocean just to survive surfing the winter months of the year. Thoughts of a winter escape also seep into your mind. The hardest part is deciding where one should elope. Preferably to a destination where balmy sunshine meets white sandy beaches, palm trees are alined to infinity, pumping waves and postcard coloured tropical waters are a holiday must. Hmmm.. what better place than Bali springs to mind. With a six hour flight from Sydney it’s close to Australia, has world class waves and even more, no jet lag punishment upon the depressing return to reality. In my opinion, Bali is the perfect winter getaway for Aussies. Continue reading