Abu Dhabi Airport 2

A Moment In Time

I sit beneath a vivid blue and lime green tiled mosaic that forms the ceiling of Abu Dhabi airport. I’m on my laptop trying to book a last minute flight, yet find myself distracted with the illusive people surrounding me.

I watch intently to my left; a small group of Indian ladies all dressed in delicate brightly coloured saris. One of the women in particular invades my attention. She’s wearing a stunning beaded bright yellow sari with her mid drift subtly revealed to the sides. Her long undyed black plait falls loosely against the fabric of her dress. She begins to eat food, I’m not sure what, but something home packed in a ruffled plastic bag that has reached the span of its life. She comes close to me and I suddenly become innerly defensive, as for a second I thought she was aiming to pick pocket me whilst I seem distracted on my laptop. 

She lays down, on the floor, parting the Versace suitcases and assortment of leather handbags. She rests her head against her own pillow she’s carried with her. She closes her eyes and enters her own inner sanctuary, drifting off away from this busy moment in time at Abu Dhabi airport.

Travelling.. It’s the first seven hours into my trip and already I am learning from the people around me, without even speaking. From observing. From watching. From sitting back and taking in my immediate surroundings.

This is what I love about travelling. Opening your eyes to the world. Opening yourself up to life. You never know where it will take you, who you might meet or who might just cross your path, even if it is only for a blink of a second.


Abu Dhabi Airport 2

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  1. Lisa Loveday says:

    Kristie – I really loved this. I felt like I was in the moment with you. If only we took that second to open our minds to the person/people who walk the road we do.

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