Flight Review: Prestige Class, Korean Air. Seoul to London.

Dreamed of flying Prestige Class to Europe? Here’s a sneak peek of what all the fuss is about. 

 Last year, my partner and I were fortunate enough to be upgraded to the Prestige Class with Korean Air, for the 12 hour journey from Incheon, Seoul in South Korea to Heathrow, London in the UK.

The Route: Incheon, Seoul, South Korea to Heathrow, London, UK. 

Check in:  Exclusive Prestige Counter Check in.

The Lounge: Enjoy the premium comforts of the exclusive Korean Air lounge as well as priority boarding and baggage handling.

Lounge(image courtesy of Korean Air)


The Plane: B777-300, A330-300 and A330-200 aircraft all offer offer extra space and premium comfort.

The Seat: The Prestige Sleeper is exactly as good as it sounds. We are talking optimum comfort in a 180-degree reclining seat with an adjustable footrest. Fitted with a lamp for reading, usb for accessible charging and large storage pockets for stowaway, luxury comfort this good cannot be imagined.


Korean Air seat(image courtesy of Korean Air)


After 12 hours I actually didn’t want to disembark the plane and I promise I’m not just saying that. I was totally comfortable sleeping, watching movies and sampling amazing fine quality food and wine.


Korean Air monitor(image courtesy of Korean Air)


The Extras: Enjoy a complimentary luxury gift pack filled with the finest beauty products by the amazing DAVI. Cosmetics include face cream, hand cream, aftershave lotion, eye gel and lip balm. Also expect thick polar fleece blankets, slippers, eye masks and a dental hygiene kit. Spoilt much?!

Korean Air Complementary Kit(image courtesy of Korean Air)


Entertainment: A massive 17 inch LCD monitor is positioned a spacious distance to your forefront. This offers plenty of room to recline and enjoy the selection of new release and classic movies, that are available on demand from your sleeper. For the tech-heads, Tetris, Packman and Pinball amongst various other gaming extras should keep the entertainment levels satisfied throughout the journey.



Wining and Dining: (My Favourite!) Winning the prestigious Mercury Award not only once but twice, expect nothing less than to be luxuriously dining above the clouds, silverware in tow.  Enjoy your choice of meal in the multiple courses  of Western, Chinese, Japanese and traditional Korean cuisine for both the lunch and dinner menus, which, I must reveal, took my taste buds straight to food heaven.








The wining experience was like no other. I truly can say I experienced sampling some of the finest top-quality wines that I have ever had the privilege.

Wines include those from the Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Alsace regions of France, Californian, Italian, and German wines. Perrier-Jouet French champagne is also served throughout the journey (need I say more!)




Baggage: A generous 2 x 32kg is allowed per passenger within Prestige Class ( but remember, you still need to be able to carry / push your luggage!

In Flight Service: Incredible. Korean Air staff were certainly big on politeness and were out to please.  From being thanked numerous times for choosing to fly Korean Air, to having wine glasses replenished regularly, this truly was like no other airline service I have received previously.

Arrival Comforts: Enjoy the complimentary showers and sauna facilities at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Incheon, upon arriving in Seoul.

Stop Over Accommodation: Enjoy staying at the amazing 5 star Grand Hyatt Hotel if you have a stopover in Incheon, Seoul, as a part of your ticket price. That’s correct, your stopover accommodation is included in your purchased ticket! No need to fuss trying to find accommodation or spend extra dollars to get a hot shower and a few hours sleep, choosing Korean Air takes the hassle and expense out of opting for a stopover.

The Grand Hyatt had the most comfortable bed I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping in. Plus, on the morning of our flight from Seoul to London, we were able to burn off the extra calories from dining at the hotel’s chic restaurant the previous night, by at using the hotel’s modern and equip gym facilities.


The Verdict: This really was a once in a life time kind of experience that left me in tears of happiness upon arriving on the tarmac of Heathrow.


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