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Your go to guide for roaming around Rome.


There’s a number of options when it comes to public transportation in Rome; trains, buses, trams, taxis, bikes, segways and a little thing called walking. I personally prefer the last option in Rome. I spent two days walking for 10 hours. But I enjoy wandering. For me, it’s the best way to see a city. Here’s your other options:


Getting to and from Rome was made easy for me as I used the Busabout Hop On Hop Off network to travel from one accommodation point to the next. I highly recommend this service as it takes the getting lost factor out of trying to find your accommodation! You’re also guaranteed to meet loads of new friends on each of the buses, which is especially perfect for solo travellers wanting to discover a city with new friends.



Public Buses are very easy to use and cheap. There’s many of them and the bus stops are scattered all over Rome, near the main attractions.

Hop On Hop Off Buses are a good way to get around and make sure you don’t miss any of the main attractions. You choose how long you want to use the service and pay in advance. Use the buses to take you to each of the stops on the destined route. This removes the getting lost factor and you may meet other travellers on this also. You also receive a headset that will give you a history snap shot of what’s what as you travel along the route.


The trains are very easy to use. Termini is the name of the main train station. There’s two main lines: A and B (complex I know).. These are based downstairs at Termini station, not at the street level entrance. Purchase a ticket at the machines – also easily done. It’s probably best to know which train line you need to take in advance before arriving at a station, as at some stations there are not always ticket offices to ask in person. Some of the maps of Rome have the train stations that correspond to each of the attractions mapped out on them. Try to find a map that has this and you will be able to refer to it as you are on the go each day!

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 Station Guide:

The Colosseum:

Train line B: Two stops from Termini to Colosseo Station. Pop out right in front of this grand structure.

The Vatican:

Train line A: From Termini to Ottaviano Station. Then walk a couple of minutes down Via Ottaviano.

Trevi Fountain:

Train line A: Two stops from Termini to Barberini Station followed by a five minute walk down one of the main roads Via Del Tritone. Turn off to reach the Trevi fountain. It’s also only another five minute walk from here to the Pantheon.

The Spanish Steps:

Train line A: Spagna. Three stops from Termini.

Piazza del Popolo / Pincio:

Train line A: Four stops from Termini to Flaminio Station.

Taxi – a more expensive option. Can be convienent to take you to right where you want to go without getting lost. Be mindful of the time you take a taxi though and how far your journey will be as traffic can easily build at peak times.

Walking Tours: Are affordable and extremely popular for all ages. They are the best way to learn all about the history of each monument in a short amount of time. Really there’s no point coming all the way to Rome and ‘seeing’ these building if you don’t know what they are! Remember it’s considerate to tip the guide at the end. My picks: The Colosseum / Palestine Hill €30 and The Vatican walking tour. Only negative is that you can’t spend as long as you want stroling through these places but you will walk away happy that you know what these places are all about. And it saves lining up in the heat for hours. Try to arrange these in advance if possible.

Segway Tours: Can be a novelty and an alternative way of seeing Rome.

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